Critical Domain

CDCritical Domain is, at its core, a top down bullet hell shooter inspired by the likes of Galaga, Mars Matrix, etc. However, it’s much deeper than that. It has a living breathing economy a la Privateer. You take resources from one planet to another, but so do hundreds of AI ships.





Learning how to profit with the in game cargo hauling is critical to your financial success in the game. You can use more sub-weapons with the more crew you have, but crew costs money, food and hydrogen to maintain. Your enemies in Critical Domain include aliens hell bent on destroying you and the human race, the Space Mafia and the Space Police.

0.1.1 screenshot

You see, the main character grew up on Mars after the Terran Wars and always wanted to become a spacer. After working odd jobs to make ends meat and studying everything available about spaceships, a man made an offer that just couldn’t be refused. A simple plan, get a loan, get a ship, use the ship to make money, pay back the loan. However, the man was actually a member of the Space Mafia, looking to pad the ranks. Unfortunately, you work for them now. You could refuse to work for them, but you know what happens to people who cross the Space Mafia… Join our forum┬áto get into the beta!

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