Wednesday Snapshot Week 6! Version 0.4.3!

You wanted a harder game, we got it! You wanted more enemies and we’ve got it. You wanted more… awesome! WE GOT IT! Take care not to get blown up. Download it in the forum!



0.4.2 beta (internal)
*New Graphics Engine!


0.4.3 beta
*Bulletmanager(tm) modified so that enemies don’t preempt each other’s firing patterns
*Space Pirate Boss (S.S. Great Galleon) Added
*Astroid Castle Boss (Rook) Added
*Spiker enemy added


0.1.1 beta:
*controls in buy/sell/nav screen can hit very quickly sometimes
*missiles don’t seem to come out in 5’s like they should
*damage system may be a little buggy
*vulcan canon doesn’t cause puffs


*controls in buy/sell/nav screen can hit very quickly sometimes
*vulcan canon doesn’t cause puffs
*option bullets are dissapearing on dead enemy locations
*missiles do come out in 5’s, but current balancing is causing them to take the same paths


*Economy AI caused combinatorial explosion (currently disabled)
*Game may crash due to array overrun, not confirmed


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