Month: March 2013

Wednesday Snapshots! Critical Domain Beta Version 0.1.1 is released!

0.1.1 screenshotEvery Wednesday we will be releasing a snapshot of the beta. We will be releasing new features along with these snapshots. Be sure to read the memo.txt and readme.txt included in the rar for the changes, controls and backstory! You must be registered on our forum┬áto gain access to the beta! Here’s this week’s change log and known bugs:

0.1.1 beta:
*Fixed Option hit detection.
*Fixed control issue where subweapons would fire from start.
*Changed vulcan canon effect slightly
*bullets dissapear now when they hit you
*changed bullet puff effect


0.1.1 beta:
*controls in buy/sell/nav screen can hit very quickly sometimes
*missiles don’t seem to come out in 5’s like they should
*damage system may be a little buggy
*vulcan canon doesn’t cause puffs